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About Us

Welcome to Laxmi Narayan Group

Who Are We

I’m Prem Lata Sutar, an ambitious entrepreneur from Odisha. With the support of EDII, I turned my hobby into a profitable business, Laxmi Narayana Paper Mache, through their training. WeAct assistance boosted my product quality and customer base, Now, I’m driven to empower others, create livelihoods, and bring positive change to our communities.


Our Vision

Catalyze positive change in rural Odisha, creating a network of empowered women entrepreneurs skilled in high-quality paper Mache production. Envision financial stability, economic growth, and cultural preservation, symbolizing the transformation of dreams into reality through dedication and support.

Our Mission

Empower rural women in Odisha to transform their hobbies into profitable businesses through skill development and support. Foster economic independence, nurture creativity, and create sustainable livelihoods, preserving the art of paper Mache.